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Last year, Jill Hairston hit 13 cities with her family, sending postcards to the classrooms back home as something of a follow-the-Hairstons school project. When Grayson was born, Ian flew home with the team from Pittsburgh, then hopped a flight to Tampa early the next morning, racing to Sarasota in time to witness the birth of their firstborn. And when the 18th home game of the Nationals’ season ended past 1 a.m., Chelsey Desmond took her family home.Chelsey Desmond is still, by her own admission, figuring it all out, with more figuring to come. Chelsey is also pregnant with the couple’s third child. Now, if the Nationals are in the playoffs, and the new baby comes? Cruz stayed up much of the night, yet it didn’t matter.

The La Roches’ two kids, 12-year-old Drake and 10-year-old Montana, are fixtures at the ballpark. The Hairstons, with sons now 8 and 6, are pros too.

Ian had his own scholarship, his to the University of South Florida, but when the Montreal Expos took him in the third round of the 2004 draft, he signed. The couple got engaged, and the next day, the Nationals added Ian to the 40-man roster — another major step, an indication that security and stability might actually exist in this game.

In October 2005, after his first full season of pro ball, he officially asked Chelsey to be his girlfriend. I didn’t ever have to worry.” Ian Desmond shows off his glove work, without a glove, catching a hit by his son Grayson. The next spring, before he departed for the season, he left a note for his mother, something he did every year.

Ian usually follows shortly after, but the boys don’t go to bed before Ian gets home. Monday night, when the skies opened at Nationals Park, the games continued under the concourses, just outside of the home clubhouse. “I could try to get them to leave, but Grayson wouldn’t have it.” She sat across from Jen La Roche, wife of first baseman Adam and mother of two, on another couch. During the season, the family room is a baseball wife’s refuge.

Grayson and Cruz Desmond jitterbugged about, each dressed in a little Nationals jersey with little Nationals pants, each wearing No. Jill Hairston, wife of outfielder Scott and mother of two more, leaned back in a chair. ” Grayson Desmond wandered over to the refrigerator. Players pay for their tickets, yet some families rarely use the seats.

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There are 81 more on television, when Daddy’s on the road playing shortstop and MASN provides the lonely link. and return after 11 p.m., try keeping the kids on a schedule the rest of the world would deem “normal.” When would the kids see their dad?

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