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Dan literally writing himself into their narrative, penning snarky commentary on his relationships with Serena, Blair, et al while playing the innocent nice guy, is a potentially amazing antihero story. Why are you pretending to be shocked when you’re alone in your kitchen?That’s not the story Dan is visibly surprised to read a Gossip Girl update saying that Serena’s looking for a date to the masked ball, and decides to blow off his plans with Vanessa to go and surprise her. The exposed brick doesn’t care that you’re Gossip Girl.The revelation that Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey was Gossip Girl all along was a fitting end to the show, in the sense that it was an incomprehensible mess best enjoyed as self-parody.Co-creator Stephanie Savage has claimed that Dan as GG was always the plan, and that the pilot even had to be recut because one sequence seemed to make the twist too obvious.That all sounds well and good, but the single best part of this show is that it is created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and Hardy’s father, who is, I kid you not, named Chips Hardy. Yeah, me neither, which is why it’s the perfect time for an updated TV series based on Lemony Snicket’s fan-favorite novels. If this Pope actually does wind up doing a kickflip down the Sistine Chapel steps, I’m going to lose my mind and relaunch the Crusades.This time around, our three precocious orphans get sent to live with none other than Emmy and Tony award winner Neil Patrick Harris… Powerless Premiere date: February 2, 2017 at PM ET (NBC) Say what you will about their movies, but DC Comics has been not-so-quietly killing the superhero TV game for half a decade now.

While I’m always a fan of star-crossed lovers, at least Romeo and Juliet didn’t share DNA!Serena persuades him that they should reveal all at Blair’s upcoming party … Lily and Rufus’s love child was all-around one of the show’s worst storylines, and it led to one of the most egregious "Dan as Gossip Girl" fails.but then a Gossip Girl blast comes out showing the two of them kissing. After learning about their long-lost sibling, Dan and Jenny understandably decide to keep it quiet — but Gossip Girl takes the first opportunity to spill the incestuous beans, making Dan and Serena’s barely reconciled relationship super awkward.We’ve been over the best TV of last year, but what about the year ahead?There are plenty of amazing shows on the horizon just waiting for you to put them in your eyeballs.

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But being outed as a drug dealer did not help her social standing in any way, and she’s clearly really upset about it in this episode. A poll specifically asking whether Serena should choose Dan or Nate.

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