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All over Scotland, in towns, villages and in the countryside, there are many types of memorials, large and small, commemorating the lives and achievements of women.

Some names are well known, others have been forgotten.

After the Girlguiding Scotland project, ‘The Big Name Hunt’, started to wind down there remain many memorials to women still to be recorded.

With this in mind, it was decided to open the website up to allow everyone to contribute, and the site was relaunched in March 2012.

There was no discussion of a sinister nature about the child.

The following evening there was a further chat, again involving nothing of note.

The first reference to the daughter was when Lisa used her fictional presence to avoid online camera contact.

These included chat about several deviant sexual practices which, the sheriff observed, most people would consider “highly unpleasant and indeed repellent”.A collaboration was proposed with Girlguiding Scotland, with the intention that Girlguiding Units across Scotland would gather information about memorials to women in their local area, and record that information in a central database.At the same time, Glasgow Women’s Library was exploring the possibility of developing an online women’s history resource, and it seemed only natural to combine the two projects, developing the Women of Scotland website as an online record of memorials to women in Scotland, easily updated and accessible to all.These are not relevant for present purposes, but references to children are.On 24 May, in the course of general sexual chat at about noon, Lisa mentioned that she had a daughter and a dog.

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Each contribution helps us to build a picture of Scotland’s women, and the part they have played in Scotland’s history.

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