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A pottery style linked to the ancient Lapita culture has been found on Anuta Island, which has been inhabited at least since 1,000 to 600 BC.

Anuta pots were plain jar and bowl shapes and lacked the elaborate Lapita dentine stamped decorations.

Mortars and pestles made from wood and stone are still used to prepare taro and nut puddings.

Stone mortars were made from river boulders on Nggatokae Island in the Western Solomons.

Where wood is scarce on outer islands, materials used instead include coconut shell, clam- and pearl-shell.There are also various styles of traditional currency or wealth (q.v. (Starzecka and Cranstone 1974; Burt and Bolton 2014) Tools Before the introduction of metal trade goods, Solomon Islanders' major tools were stone and clamshell axes, adzes and hammers.Blades and handles varied in size and shape for different tasks, such as canoe making, currency manufacture, tree clearing and general food production.Sections are inlaid with chambered nautilus and other shells cut into intricate patterns and glued into place with a paste or putty made from the grated nut of the tita tree (Parinari Glaberrima).Designs include frigate birds and fish and sometimes dogs and sea spirits, all objects of ritual significance.

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