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There's even non-PBR beer available now, and the well whiskey shares a shelf with a surprisingly robust selection of brown liquor.

But the essentials remain: the pool tables and foosball, the cheap drinks, aloof staff, and blaring music.

The rec room feel of the place comes courtesy of low ceilings nicked up from pool cues, while the big-ass 360-degree square bar keeps the Guinness flowing. The home of the 8am happy hour is a South Beach staple whose dark, neon-lit interior hasn’t changed since the area around it was an art-deco wasteland. Arnold's is the cure: It’s a haven for those who don’t fit in in Waikiki, from intense wandering locals to weird frequent visitors.

" quite like Ford's, a wood-paneled, shuffleboard-equipped, smoke-choked hive of glorious bad taste.

Its annual highlight is the mullet toss, a competition to see who can throw a fish furthest across the state line.

But like any self-respecting Southerner, Flora-Bama still reserves Sundays for church, when it plays host to the weekly Worship on the Water services.

For real, you can probably see this place from space... The place truly achieved dive status in the '80s, catering to a rougher crowd before being hacked in half as one side was transformed into a high-end whiskey bar.

But like an alpha worm, the half-runt that is Roger's still thrives on its dirtbag charms in its halved form, a nicotine-stained nook lit by old neon signs and populated with faded football posters, cheap beer, pool tables, shuffleboard, and that ancient graffiti that tells the tales the battered stools simply can't.

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This is where the locals come to show their seedier side, to belt out off-key karaoke while their usually reserved neighbor engages in their bi-monthly make-out session with a stranger. Cue up some Skynyrd and pop an Altoid with your incendiary cocktail. When seeking out a serviceable Chicago dive bar, a worn-looking Old Style sign above the doorway is just about the surest indication that an establishment will have cheap beer and minimal pretense.

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