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Schreiber and Brown were observed on a cozy walk and in high spirits, walking with their arms around each other and laughing.

“They had a coffee date at Alfred on Melrose Place,” a source tells PEOPLE. They were laughing and walking with their arms around each other.

They just ask a lot and give very little in return.” Unimpressed by his offensive comments, Morgan cut in: “You’re a d*** aren’t you?Here’s a link to the story in case you care." Piers Morgan apologised to Ben on air, and invited him to appear on the show another time At the end of the show, Piers took the opportunity to address the issue and explain that Ben's appearance was in fact replaced by an interview with a school teacher.He said: "I just want to apologise to Ben Fogle, we had to drop his segment today. He's right not to be happy – it's a very serious cause." The TV presenter then offered: "Ben, if you're watching, we would love to get you in next Monday or Tuesday if you're free to talk about the Blue Planet plastics debate. Ben – who was due to go on air to discuss the issue of single use plastics ruining the ocean – found out last minute that he was no longer required for the show, with the segment having been replaced in favour of one with a headteacher.Ben took to Twitter to vent his frustration, telling fans: "I’m afraid @GMB have decided to drop the segment on single use plastics. I tried." In a second tweet, he added: "Cut off air by ITV on Monday talking about animal welfare and pulled off air by ITV on Wednesday from talking about single use plastics.

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  1. Contact for this story is Amira Al-Shariff, [email protected], 967 733 71 91 24 . “A couple months after she was married, she went to the court and found a lawyer – a woman named Shada Nasser and asked her to help her get a divorce, and she was granted [it],” Sinclair says.