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I know Europeans were never conquered by Muslims, but it seems like Islam would have spread pretty well the same way Christianity did, by proximity and trade. am very excited because I can get this very good information, This is one of the really very helpful information, I hope you keep updating other up-to-date information that may be useful to me as well as to many others, Maybe I will recommend this site to my friends, Because I am sure they will be very helpful with this site, just like me, Thank you very much harga tas sekolah anak terbaru . Hoac co the cat thanh tung lat dem ngam voi mat ong trong binh thuy tinh.

No Islamic conquest in SE Asia or W Africa yet majority follow Islam. Sensing that there are young readers here who may not do independent research I can James, the brother of Jesus, soon became the leader of Judaic Christianity and presided over the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15). Peter actually makes an impassioned plea in support of the positions of Paul and Barnabas. Nasser, your comments reflect the gross ignorance and unsubtle spin-doctoring so typical of Muslim apologists. You need to learn some solid facts about Christianity and world history to avoid embarrassing yourself. The Christian church and the Muslim religion seem to have an extensive history of abusing those with less of a a voice such as woman and children. It is a shame that many christians fail to acknowledge their own history.

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