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The stories in the strip are thus mainly told from a western Japanese perspective and mostly poke fun at common ideas westerners in Japan often hold about their own superiority vis-a-vis the Japanese.

Without further ado, here are the 7 most undesirable dating traits for women in Japan: While this reason may seem a little weird, it actually has its roots with how the Japanese language works."The dichotomy between the perception of these guys in their home countries and in Japan was amazing to me.This made me think of Superman; on his home planet of Krypton, Superman was nobody special, and he certainly didn't have superpowers.Charisma Man's girlfriends, colleagues and employers are depicted as constantly amazed by Charisma Man's "powers": his Japanese language skills, his ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol and his amazing popularity.Japanese women appear as uniformly attractive, constantly complimentary and, to Charisma Man, easily obtainable.

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From 2002, Garscadden handed it to another writer, Wayne Wilson.

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