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On her mantelpiece is a small shrine/urn containing the ashes of her late beloved cat Daisy. (I went to see a few nights later and the cast announced after the curtain call that they would be continuing the run for another twelve weeks, so a small victory for ideas . Mc Cann protests that it is hard, that he joins her for meals and steals food from her plate.

Mr Sushi, a grey tortoiseshell tabby, wanders around listlessly. She might have Broadway at her feet but Mr Sushi has the measure of her.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

Korin washes away this scar tissue in the hope that it will heal again and the infection can be cleaned out.

He will return in a week and, if it hasn’t worked, Tigre will need a visit to an ophthalmologist. His daughter Isabel is texting him from the comfort of her armchair to fetch her crayons.

While Korin treats Riley, he and Larry talk about tick-borne diseases – the mild winter in New York State meant there was an early wave of tick-borne diseases that Korin saw at the animal hospitals he attends.

Pet-owners need to be extra vigilant – there are ticks in Central Park that can be hazardous to dogs. Korin thinks he has an indolent ulcer, which means that the ulcer has healed over, leaving infection locked inside a little pockmark on the cornea.

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Eric greets us and chats with Korin about the cats.

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