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When Mark Zuckerberg himself says “One of my favorite [Graph Search] queries is recruiting. Don’t worry – this isn’t another Facebook-Graph-Search-is-an-awesome-disruptor article.Let’s say we’re trying to find engineers at Google who are friends of engineers at Facebook,” it’s hard to not get excited about the possibilities of tapping into the data Facebook has on over 1,000,000,000 users globally, and over 167,000,000 users in the U. Rather than throwing fuel on the Graph Search fire, I am happy to throw a wet blanket instead.This is commonly referred to as Facebook Graph Search has the ability to dredge up nearly any user content with a few clicks of the keyboard.Imagine the search a potential employer might conduct of your photo comments, with a “drunk” keyword filter. Now you understand why folks are nervous.privacy settings, so if you choose to restrict certain content from being shown, it will remain hidden from searches.Time heals all wounds and buries the evidence – at least it used to.

Facebook announced Graph Search on January 15th, and there are already 100’s of articles published on the possibilities, including how Graph Search will challenge Google in advertising, & e Harmony in online dating, Yelp and others in services, travel and entertainment, and yes, even Linked In and Monster in recruiting.businesses to monitor discussion about their brands via Facebook.Search “Status updates about Pepsi” or “Posts about Toyota” and you’ll find real-time talk about businesses.Note: Photos that you’ve hidden from your timeline are still searchable.Review these photos by going to the top of the selection tool and clicking “On Timeline: Hidden.” Now you can remove tags and make sure the photos die once and for all! Icons in the bottom right of each corner show you the privacy settings for each album and let you change them.

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