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Add to this a chronic condition and it compounds the problem even further.

However, just because you have diabetes, fibromyalgia, survived cancer or have something else doesn’t mean you don’t want love in your life or that you wont find it.

Cancer Match: Cancer Survivor Dating and Social Network Poz Match: HIV owned social community.

It's for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, and gender.

Working with women with HIV/AIDS in rural America, where many were single but wanting a relationship, offered some good insights about the dating and relationship process when living with a major illness.

Revealing your HIV status, particularly during the early years of the AIDS epidemic was a fearful experience, not only because of the rejection, but also the concern that they might tell others.

That noted, many of people I know that are recently coupled, regardless of age, sexual orientation or diagnosis, have met through on-line dating.Yes, it is part of your life, but it’s just that “part” and not “all” of it.You have much to offer others, so your health issues are just one part of who you are.However, if you are about to be sexual, or this looks like it has the potential to be a relationship, then let them know.The more you keep it a secret, for fear of being rejected, the more likely it is to blow up in your face.

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According to various different rankings, Match.com, Zoosk, e-Harmony, Elite consistently appear among the top five sites.

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