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You spend your time together, your lives are fully integrated, you share the same values, trust one another, openly communicate, and above all — you unapologetically love each other, flaws and all.However, how can you be sure your significant other is about to get on one knee and pop the big question? would avoid a trip to the mall if you mentioned you needed new accessories to wear to your friend’s wedding?

If this is the case, just go with it and agree that you too are having cravings for the “Blue Box” and totally prefer it over that new spot in Soho. that there are rings out there that are super high quality but won’t kill their budget, I recommend checking out the Tacori iconic classic crescent engagement ring this excited bride-to-be is showing off to her friends. If I mentioned wanting to go to a movie, he would ask, ‘Why would we go to a movie when we can watch Netflix for free? Does he or she seem to be more nervous as of late when you are around? No longer do they come straight home after work; instead, he or she is “disappearing” for a few hours at a time post their 9-5. As for dates, instead of exploring new hotspots in town as before, it’s another sign if they keep suggesting to revisit exceptionally romantic places that symbolize chapters in your relationship. O is acting a bit sporadically and mentions taking you to that old restaurant where you first met, playing Scrabble at that classic dive bar on game night just like you did when you shared your first kiss, it could mean they are going to pop the question at one of these nostalgic, romantic locations. I love the above oval cut engagement ring because it’s sleek and simple, yet rich in character.

After spending 10 years with him and thinking I had him all figured out, he still managed to take me by surprise! They have openly asked you about marriage, family and kids.

This is probably the most obvious sign, apart from them being on one knee to propose, that they are very seriously getting ready to ask you for your hand in marriage. has been asking you for your thoughts on marriage, and even has gone so far as to mention they’d love to know your ring preference, this is a favorite of mine. Not because it’s as obvious they are about to propose like the previous signs suggest, but because it’s indicative they are willing to work out and resolve lingering issues in your relationship in an effort to make it work . Here’s a knock-out engagement ring to subtly send their way, should the opportunity arise.

You are a survivor of the throes of modern dating, my gorgeous friend, and congratulations to you on having held out for the Aidan instead of choosing the player / somewhat commitment-phobe, Mr. You have found someone who is as phenomenal an individual as you are and you couldn’t deserve it more.

Looking ahead to the next phase of your relationship: it seems as if you are on your way to marriage.

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