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We hope you will join in all week, at your own pace and schedule, and then culminate the week with the live webinar.This Week in Dialogue with the Authors will focus on Positive Aging through the lens of three books.As we burn those seventy candles, we can help shed some light on the trail for them. Serious, funny, commonplace, unusual, short, long stories, all are welcome. What contributes to well-being and yes, flourishing at three score and ten?How does it feel to be among the oldest in the crowd? We welcome the comments and reflections of women everywhere.The authors contribute to a growing appreciation of the aging process while challenging the longstanding view of aging as decline.

Please contribute brief anecdotes, observations, thoughts, ideas, and life stories by posting them in the comment section below.

Participants from far and wide joined authors, Jane Giddan, Ellen Cole and Mary Gergen, in discussing a range of topics important to those studying, and those experiencing, life in this era of extended longevity. They surely will think that’s a sign of dementia instead of a normal part of a multi-tasking life. But, I have not been touched or held in 15 years,,, I want much more than I have…but at 70, who would even begin to want me?

70 from other perspectives: looking forward and looking back, 70candles, Ageism anecdotes, Dealing with loss, Family matters, Financial Challenges, Grandparenting, Gratitude and Spirituality, HUMOR, Men aging, Networking, Older women connecting, Resilience, Share your story, Work life and retirement 70Candles, Aging, elder women's choices, Family support, friendships, functional changes, Gratitude, health and fitness, looking ahead, Loss, Men aging, Positive aging, What to do with our time, Women and aging, Work life and retirement For those interested, our week-long online chat and the video of our 1.5 hour- long webinar about Positive Aging, are available for viewing at this link: The blog there continues on, so feel free to add your comments. Stumbling over this group and finding your book has been a blessing. POSITIVE AGING: A WEEK IN DIALOGUE WITH THE AUTHORS JANE GIDDAN, ELLEN COLE, AND MARY GERGEN November 6 – 10, 2017 Posted by Dawn Dole, Taos Institute Monday – Thursday, November 6-10, we will engage in conversation online in a virtual, asynchronous web space.

Women everywhere, welcome to our blogspot, a space for sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas about how to overcome obstacles and thrive as we approach and endure in the eighth decade of life.

We hope this exchange will be a source of inspiration for the next generation of seventy year olds.

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We will organize, collate, and share your emailed stories anonymously on this blogspot. I would like to accomplish one more item on my to do list, which is to travel back to Ireland alone. Many years ago I visited Ireland with my spouse (at the time), but didn’t feel free to do some of the things that I wanted to do. What about the rude awakening that what I thought I was doing was living, not realizing, that I was sliding quickly into 70! I was raised by a mom who had three children, by three different husbands. I was not encouraged to go to college, my step dad was unfit, I was banished at 17 and had to find my own place to live. I would like to know, am I too late, will I make it to a happy place?

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