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Even a character as seemingly one-note as the unwaveringly literal strongman Drax the Destroyer gets a subplot weighted in real emotion.

Thankfully, Gunn and Marvel wisely limited any clumsy efforts to set up Avengers: Infinity War (sorry, folks) in favor of a satisfying, self-contained series installment.

But two aging alpha males bickering over whose son is daintier, because it makes them feel as if he isn’t gay, risks undoing all the greatness we’ve experienced from Jay over these three seasons.

This is a movie made by people with an explicit affinity for the characters and the world being portrayed, not just with the gadgets and flights of fancy (though there is plenty of care put into both of those elements anyway).

Each and every principal cast member gets a satisfying arc and they come out of this adventure changed in some way.

He and Walt were friends, yes, but his elderly neighbor was miserable and had no one to scatter his dog tags when he died — was her precious baby headed for the same fate?

It’s difficult to lecture on the importance of grieving properly, if there is such a thing, when the face of the late Heath Ledger takes over you each time you mumble the word “dead.” (If you need a little help generating tears, think of Michelle Williams’ acceptance speech at the Golden Globes beforehand.) Even Phil thought his wife’s facial tic-meets-coping mechanism was weird, although his “Walt’s dead” description felt like he’d just come out of a Netflix binge with his own belated , Claire decided to hover, following her son around into submission, (her own) teary submission. While this episode was largely about loss, it was also about fathers. Merle Stonewall Tucker (Barry Corbin), one of the finest gents in all of Missouri, was in town for a visit.

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