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Blackout Dates The Blackout Dates property of the Date Picker class represents a collection of dates that are not available for selection. For example, say in the month of March of the year 2010, we would like to block the dates from Jan 1st to Jan 7th and then all Sundays and the final Date Picker should look like Figure 2.

Figure 2The following code snippet adds backout dates to a Date Picker.

Selection Date and Selection Date Format The Selected Date property represents the currently selected date.

The following code snippet sets the Display Date, Display Date Start and Display Date End attributes of the Date Picker element in XAML. Figure 3First Day Of Week and Is Today Highlighted By default, Sunday is the first day of week.The BOTLDATA table contains the report output stored in the Report Library and is the table with the largest amount of data.The new utility allows for migration of existing Web FOCUS 7.x Report Caster BOT tables to Web FOCUS 8, without dropping the Web FOCUS 7.x BOTLDATA table.We can do this by adding the code listed in Listing 2. Add method takes a Calendar Date Range object, that is a collection of two Date Time objects.The first date is the start date of the range and the second date is the end date of the date range.

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The following code snippet sets the Selected Dates in XAML at design-time.

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