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The vet bills are very costly and you need one experienced in treating meerkats.‘You couldn’t keep them if you had young children because of their unpredictable behaviour and their diet — consisting of fruit, vegetables, insects, meat and supplements — is very expensive at around £120 a month.‘You shouldn’t have one if you work in the daytime as they’re sociable and they need constant attention and stimulation.They can’t run around the house as they get under your feet and if you stand on one, you’ll kill it.I supplement them with fruit and veg — they love courgettes, peppers, blueberries and I also give them a gutted day-old chick every day for meat.It’s illegal to feed anything with a backbone alive, so the chick is always dead.’‘We used to give them access to the house so they’d become more socialised with humans and household sounds such as the TV and our small dogs and parrot — which are never allowed out at the same time as the meerkats,’ she says.‘I once saw a hand-reared female biting anyone she didn’t know.

They can also harbour all kinds of bacteria in their mouths so any bite can turn nasty.’‘My son loves the meerkats but he knows Ben or I have to be present if he wants to interact with them.But at three months old, when it matures, it has become aggressive and started wrecking the house,’ she says.However, one meerkat owner who disagrees is Dawn Wade.You can’t be too boisterous but they love being stroked.‘They are allowed into the house most days and will sit and watch television with us or crawl up onto our laps and have a cuddle.If we’re having a meal they will try to steal bits of food from our plates and I’ve known Mucky try to drink my cup of tea.‘If we’re all sitting around as a family and the meerkats are outdoors they will sit on the window ledge watching us as if they want to be part of the fun. We got her when she was very young and she’d clearly been mistreated.

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